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SDKY-M208A LED Bleaching System
NameŁşSDKY-M208A LED Bleaching System
CategoriesŁşClinical Use Teeth Whitening
TimeŁş2012-5-24 16:23:11
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Simple Description
Detailed Description

Description :

ˇńCan treat teeth yellow. Black smoke. Accountability. Dental fluorosis. Tetracycline tooth etc.

ˇńGood whitening effect, each treatment can improve 7-10 levels.

ˇńSpecial whitening cold light blue She, low thermal comfort, guarantee of patients.

ˇń8 a high-power blue leds offer cold light tube yuan.

ˇńGood human-machine interface, easy operation.

ˇńMultiple safety design, ensure the safety of patients and doctors operate.

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