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SDHR-900A Teeth Whitening Equipment
Name£ºSDHR-900A Teeth Whitening Equipment
Categories£ºClinical Use Teeth Whitening
Time£º2012-5-24 16:52:42
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Simple Description
Detailed Description

Technical Specification

Wavelength: 480-520nm
Output Power: 220VA
Power Supply: 110V-220V, 50/60 Hz
Double power supply system, change 110V and 220V directly, no need transformer
Light intensity: 9000MCD
Blue LED light intensity: 170??000uw/cm2
Number of LED: 119
LED life span: 50,000 hours
Light Output Mode: Continues & Pulse Light
Dimension of Base: 50CM*26CM*28CM
Weight: 12KG

Advantage of Structure

The Semiconductor Light Source to Release Blue Light
*100,000 hours long life of the light
*avoid the frequent change and cost waste
*119 light bulbs create more concentrated light then achieve perfect whitening effect

Big LCD Screen, can show intellective Operating System clearly
*can adjust the intensity of the light and pulse freely as you need
*very easy and convenient to operate

Integrate design, make the function more steady!

Unique Portable Design
*ensure easy shipment and can take away freely when you visit patients
*humanized design show the excellent quality

Whitening Range

SD Huaer LED Teeth Whitening can achieve good effect for:
*all the people who want a more beautiful smile
*teeth discolored by smoking              
*teeth discolored by coffee                 
*teeth discolored by wine                    
*teeth discolored by tea                   
*teeth discolored by medicines such as tetracycline.
*teeth speckled by fluoride in the drinking water
*genetic yellow teeth or aging yellow teeth
*Whiten all unknown reason yellow or black teeth

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